Susan Turner and the Self

May 1, 2014
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Young Woman as the Letter S

Child as the Letter Shin

Susan Turner is a Canadian artist, and her work deals with communication, memory, alienation, loss, and accident.

Artist’s Statement

These two self-portraits, Child as the Letter “Shin” and Young Woman as the Letter “S”, are part of my large series Fiction of Relationship that I’ve been working on for close to two years. The series investigates what goes into creating the connections of relationship between people, how relationship is formed, and how it is seen through different lenses and perspectives. The work is an intimate look into the self and an attempt to discover the various layers and aspects of the self, all of which blend into a created persona that is perhaps a fiction. Because of the intimate nature of the subject, I have made the physical size of the prints small at 8″ x 8″. They are then framed in 2″ deep shadow boxes so that viewers must further peer inside to get a close look at the work.  I am also experimenting with producing these images or parts of them significantly larger, and that kind of exploration yields work that is equally fascinating and valid.

I work primarily in printmaking, and produce my work as inkjet prints that are constructed digitally through a combination of scanning old photos, drawing and manipulating in Photoshop, and digitally collaging. The images are comprised of many layers, each holding different elements or elements at different transparencies, colours, sizes, and textures. I see my work as a type of graphic painting.  I print on thick, bright white, textured digital etching paper on an inkjet printer that uses archival inks.

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