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  1. I am a third generation American Jew. While many might think that most American Jews have “made it” financially, that only proves to me how distanced many Jews really are from each other. Many of us are not wealthy at all and have not “made it” in America.

    When you surround yourself with Jews who are on equal financial and educational footings, it makes it difficult to embrace those that are of a lower socio-economic level. Why are you so against Taglit-Birthright Israel? Is it because Israel is trying to make a connection with American Jews and that some might respond by leaving the US to go to live in Israel? There are Jews that simply do not have the money to visit Israel and Taglit Birthright Israel provides them with that.

    The Jewish renaissance in America might spring up from the Jewish ecovillages but it will ultimately end with Jews moving to Israel. G-d always has a greater plan for us and perhaps this new movement is his way of telling us to come home to Israel. Just the fact that it’s something that Jews now desire means something is missing in their lives. They feel incomplete and disconnected in America. America never have fully embraced Jews, they just tolerate us better than other countries have.

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