Rabbi Sara Brandes
April 11, 2014
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I dream of Sinai.
Each night, I fantasize that God would reach down
        and in
        that we would not be alone.
I am driven by my dreams of Sinai
        haunted by them.
I believe it possible that
         the God I know
         would penetrate this world.
Willing God.
Will gathered
Thrust beneath.
Where we stand trembling.
And if that God were to penetrate below, the angels would gather, in a chorus of song.
And the encounter would birth millennia of worship.
I am haunted by my dreams of Sinai.
I believe them possible.
But were I to imagine the God I know.
And how that God
would enter my world.
Then all that is above
becomes that which is below.
Outside folds inward.
And the mountain dwells inside.
And the climb.
And the climber.
Heat and light.
Sense and sound.
A radiant center
A universe within.
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Rabbi Sara Brandes Rabbi Sara Brandes fell in love with being Jewish while Israeli dancing at Camp Alonim in Los Angeles, CA. Since then, she has worked to build Jewish spaces where Judaism is felt, not just heard, space that are as fun and compelling as the feeling of holding hands, laughing, with hundreds of friends. Sara is California Director at Moving Traditions, and returns to Alonim every summer as Rabbi-in-Residence. When she is not engaging Jewish teens and adults in meaningful Jewish life, she is a yogi, partner of Hyim and mom to Michal and Gavi.

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