Noble Ideas, Tarnished

Rabbi Dan Horwitz
March 18, 2014
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It’s easy to get down, facing life’s challenges

To scream and to frown, heart covered in calluses

Hopes dashed, lack of desired impact

Arguing over what exactly constitutes a fact


Ideals shattered, butchered and battered

Clinging to a sense of calm but only getting madder

At those who don’t care, who give up on society

Deciding instead to rely on self-proclaimed piety


Our politics in shambles, selfish and career-minded

Instead of serving others, leaving all of us behind

Education is a mess and the rich keep getting richer

Is it any wonder folks are disillusioned by this picture?


How do we hold out hope, banking on a new day

When people find their voices heard, no matter be they straight or gay

Pushing forth the positive, looking on the bright side

Squelching the negative, leaving it behind for the ride


Disillusionment’s an ailment, disrupting our ability

To have a collective impact, greater than we could as you or me

By pointing to all that’s good, and framing our philosophy

Around our inner strength, we’ll be the change we wish to see.

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Rabbi Dan Horwitz is a rabbi, educator, consultant and community builder. Committed to lifelong learning, he holds a BA in Politics from Brandeis University, an MA in Jewish Studies from Gratz College, a JD and an MA in Sport Management from the University of Michigan, and an MA in Jewish Education from Hebrew College. He received rabbinic ordination from the non-denominational Mesifta Adas Wolkowisk. Dan is happiest when engaged in meaningful discussion with others on topics of Jewish and general philosophical interest, when playing basketball, and when Justin Verlander is pitching. For more information, check out

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