Online Exhibition: “The White Soldier” by Yuda Braun and Alex Janetzko

June 3, 2013
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This month’s art exhibition features the work of Yuda Braun and Alex Janetzko. The following introduction is by the artists in their own words. To return to this month’s online art exhibition, please visit the Sh’ma homepage.

“The White Soldier”
Performance: Yuda Braun
Images: Alexander Janetzko

Yuda Braun was born in Canada in 1984, raised in a West-Bank settlement, served in the Golani special forces. Today he resides in Jerusalem and serves as a multidisciplinary artist specializing in performance and street art. His work usually takes place in public spaces, while striving to surface a discussion regarding various social issues.

The images were shot by Alexander Janetzko. Born in Altdobern, Germany, in 1981. He studied at “Ostkreuzgschule” School of Photography. Alex resides in Berlin and works internationally as a freelance photographer and artist.

White from head to toe Yuda and his squad dress as white soldiers and patrol Israel and the West Bank. This ongoing performance (2009-2013) surfaces a debate about the complexity and absurdity of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while trying to re-evaluate the reality which enables the soldier to be part of our everyday reality. In July 2013 a documentary film will be premiered. (by director Danielle Zini), and will elaborate on the performance and motivation to create The White Soldier

More about the project at:

More of Yudas work:

Alex Janetzko work:

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