Josh Kornbluth’s “Love and Taxes” is a ridiculously delightful read!

Matt Bar
March 20, 2013
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I know very little about taxes. As I claw my way into the middle class I do hope to know more. But as far as literature is concerned I prefer Philosophy, History and Biographies over economics per se. The little I’ve read on taxes includes sections in “The Making of Modern Economics,” by Mark Skousen, which I almost made it through, and “The Ascent of Money” by Neil Ferguson which I actually enjoyed. But I have never legitimately laughed out loud when reading about taxes as I did when I read “Love and Taxes,” by Josh Kornbluth in this month’s Shema Journal. How do sentences gleefully dance into one another when tax niceties are the topic of choice? How does Woody Allen come to mind while learning about the “Collapsable Corportation Rule of 1913?” Who is this Josh Kornbluth and how is his style so fresh it makes good sushi seem overcooked? I highly recommend checking out his article this month for both the insight on taxes and the writing style that waxes like a moonlit candle.

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