Avi Schaefer’s Method

Zoe Jick
April 27, 2012
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With the AIPAC and JStreet conferences just behind us, the topic of “American students’ engagement with Israel” is the most frequent subject between those of us working in organizations that do Israel campus engagement. The David Project recently released its “White Paper,” a call to action for strengthening American youth’s Jewish identity and connection to Israel. With SJPs popping up on campuses nationwide, and BDS campaigns gaining momentum, Jewish organizations are grasping at methods to reinvent Israel/Palestine dialogue and activism on campuses. Regarding certainty, hatred and polarization, campus groups related to Israel and Palestine are hotbed for such egregious activity.

Please watch the video below, which documents the legacy of Avi Schaefer’s work at Brown University regarding the campus engagement of Israel and Palestine. Schaefer’s campus activism included unprecedented tolerance, listening and understanding. The influence of his strategy for progress is still felt at Brown’s campus today through the efforts of Schaefer’s twin brother Yoav, who founded the Avi Schafer fund in Avi’s memory.

Visit www.avischaeferfund.org for more details.

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