Discussion Guide - Discussion Guide – Capturing Holiness on the Page and Canvas

September 1, 2007
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  1. Kedusha, holiness, speaks primarily to the concept of separation. What role does separation play in making our daily lives holy?
  2. How does the sound of the shofar inspire you at the High Holidays?
  3. For those that believe that God permeates the entire universe, is anything mundane?
  4. What stands in the way of teshuva, atonement, and forgiveness at the High Holidays?
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  1. It says something to me that there are no comments in answer to the question about the shofar. My gathering sense is that shofar inspires very few in part because the art of playing it expertly is dying out in many, many locales. To mean something, it has to sound like something well practiced, well conceived, and compellingly performed. Sadly, from experience, so few expect it to be played well. For many, good enough is good enough. Imagine!

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