‘The Multi-Dimensional Jew’: A Map of Judaism

February 1, 2013
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David Moss

Photo Credit: David Lonner

“The Multi-Dimensional Jew” is a work by Jerusalem-based artist David Moss. It exists in three forms: a fine art, two-dimensional print, (See: 2D) which is a representation of a three-dimensional model, (See: 3D Model) and an interactive garden (See: The Garden Visualization).

The work is based on six fundamental questions. The model includes six sections with each section devoted to one question, which appears in yellow. Various labels note the broader categories for that section and, on small white labels, are the individual values or concepts for that section. Each of these individual Jewish values (prayer, hesed, community, the image of God) can become a subject or content of one ‘pavilion’ in the Garden. (See: Garden Models, Birds Eye View of The Garden and The Garden Visualization) Moss’s goal was to provide specific examples of how he would translate each nugget of Jewish values into a stimulating, aesthetic, experiential encounter.

“The Garden of Jewish Exploration” by will be an interactive garden where our fundamental values are conveyed through art, architecture, sculpture, landscaping, music, drama and other media and art-forms.

A visitor will begin in a small orientation center. There, the visitor will be introduced to the sculptural model (See: 3D Model and 3D Model Details) of the Multidimension Jew and its six fundamental questions to learn how The Garden is structured and what can be visited.

The orientation center will be an architectural iteration of the 3-d model where visitors can view more closely details about the values are conveyed in the areas devoted to each of the six questions. Visitors can then wander out into the garden itself (See: Birds Eye View of the Garden) having decided, for instance, to explore the section of “What is deep inside me?” or “Whom do I face?”

Within each section of the garden will be a number of pavilions/sculptures/places of encounter for the values of that section. (See: Garden Models, Birds Eye View of The Garden and The Garden Visualization). In “What is above me?” for instance, one will enter the intimate world of Jewish prayer. In “What is deep inside me?” there will be an architectural maze called, “The Chambers of the Soul.” The section “Whom do I face?” will house a structure that conveys the unique beauty of Jewish community, another pavilion that vividly concretizes real-life Jewish hesed in action, and another that allows visitors to immerse themselves in Jewish thought on a variety of one-to-one relationships: parent/child, wife/husband, teacher/student, doctor/patient, buyer/seller, business partners and so forth.

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David Moss, a Jerusalem-based artist, gives aesthetic and creative expression to Jewish ideas, values, and texts. He created The Moss Haggadah, collaborated with artist Noah Greenberg on The Tree of Life Shtender, revived the art of the hand-made ketubah, is a co-founder of Kol HaOt, and works with architects and institutions to breathe a Jewish soul into their buildings. “The Multi-Dimensional Jew” print is part of Moss’s ongoing subscription series of limited editions. These and his other published works are available at bet-alpha-editions.com.

Learn more about the vision for “The Garden of Jewish Exploration” by visiting the website davidmoss.com and also shma.com, where our online gallery will exhibit several images and an explanation of the project.

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