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My Body, My Self: Avodah Be’gashmiut

Rabbi Or Rose
September 2, 2013

As the High Holy Days approach and I engage in the process of heshbonha’nefesh, soul accounting, among the sources I turn to are the teachings of the Hasidic masters, particularly those of the founders of this  great spiritual revival movement. I was introduced to the sermons and stories of these masters as a child, and More »

Learning to Parent

Susan Berrin
September 2, 2013

Many of us, fortunate to become parents, do our best to raise happy, independent, and emotionally and physically healthy children. This year, on the back page of each issue, we will be exploring the ethical obligations of parenting. We define parenting broadly: parenting children from birth through their adulthood, and what feels like “parenting” when More »