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Can I only be a housewife?

Rachel S. Harris
February 26, 2013

We met on Jdate, and on our sixth date Mr Perfect (raised conservative and according to his profile attends synagogue: Never) told me (unexpectedly) that he would keep a kosher home and attend an orthodox synagogue. ‘Oh’ I said ‘This is serious?!’ Six weeks from our first meeting we got engaged. He had to learn More »


Works in Progress

Matt Shapiro
January 31, 2013

  For me, my fear is a work in progress. Not ignoring it, not eliminating it, just getting to know it. I thought for a long time that fear was the enemy That having fear meant, God forbid, I was flawed. I am flawed and fear is part of that.   Where I work, a More »


Leaving a Trace

Emma Goldberg
January 30, 2013

Last year 22-year-old Marina Keegan died in a car crash days after graduating from Yale. Known on campus for her writings, within days of her death her essays were being circulated throughout the web, republished on sites like The New Yorker, U.S. News, the L.A. Times, and more. An essay she had written titled “The More »


Is God a Work in Progress?

Alex Braver
January 29, 2013

The story of the Bible is the story of God and God’s work in progress: humanity.  But humanity has a way of constantly surprising God, and throughout the books of the Hebrew Bible, we see God test out many strategies for dealing with this strange new creature.  And in a way that is somewhat counterintuitive More »


Healing as Metaphor

Rabbi Julie Pelc Adler
January 25, 2013

I haven’t written a word yet, and already I can tell you that this is not the blog post I intended to write. When I was fully engaged in the life of illness and laboring in the work of recovery, there is little I hated more than well-meaning friends (and even strangers) offering what they More »


"The Change"

Rabbi Deborah Silver
January 24, 2013

I consider myself lucky to live in an age where Jewish lifecycle transitions are being creatively marked in progressive Jewish practice; an age which boasts, along with Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies, groups such as Moving Traditions, which create Jewishly informed curricula both for teenage Jewish men and teenage Jewish women; an age in which More »