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“The Communal Tzadik is the Rapper, the Kooky Visionary is the DJ.” Matt Bar On Daniels S. Nevins “Rebranding Tzedakah: From Charity to Sacred Spending.”.”

Matt Bar
October 27, 2011

There were many things that resonated for me in Nevins’ Sh’ma article “Rebranding Tzedakah: From Charity to Sacred Spending.” In what was an otherwise beautifully orchestrated piece, I couldn’t’ help but cringe at a solitary note of discord in a distinction he makes between two types of philanthropists in the Jewish world. The first, he More »


Tzedakah: Kindness by Choice

Emily Goldberg
October 26, 2011

Life is unpredictable. Some days, we experience the blessings that life has to offer, varying from successes, new opportunities, and happiness.  For most days, we can consider ourselves quite lucky when reflecting on the positive gifts that we receive, such as good health, fortune, shelter, and family. Despite the fluctuating economy, many of us are More »


The Power of the Global Pushke

Rabbi Juan Mejia
October 12, 2011

Rabbi Yehuda Hannasi said in Pirke Avot:  “Be careful in performing a light mitzvah as a weighty one, for you know not the reward of each mitzvah.” In the area of philanthropy we could render his thought thusly: “Be mindful of small gifts as well as of big gifts, for you know not the impact More »


Seeing the Impact of Donations

Zoe Jick
October 11, 2011

My family used to keep a JNF tzedakah box on our kitchen counter. You know the one I’m talking about, that little blue box speckled with images of greenery and Israeli flags. In my home, the JNF tzdeakah box served as a constant reminder of the Jewish rebuilding of our ancestral homeland. The advertising of More »


Help Me Make a Tzedakah Plan!

Rachel Petroff Kessler
October 10, 2011

When I was little, giving Tzedakah was fairly straight forward. A portion of your allowance? Into the tzedakah box. Find a penny on the street? Into the tzedakah box it goes. Then once or twice a year, we’d dump all the money out onto the dining room table and count it up, lining up neat More »