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The Seder Table: Rags to Riches

Rabbi Steven I. Rein
March 29, 2012

In a few weeks, we will sit down at our seder tables and tell the story of our redemption from slavery. The Mishnah prescribes that the story of the Exodus should present a contrast: beginning with humility and ending with glory. The entire seder experience serves as a reality check. When the rabbis constructed the More »


S Blog: Guest Post by Rabbi Joel Soffin

March 26, 2012

BY: RABBI JOEL SOFFIN I wanted to share with you an experience I had in Rwanda that  relates in a small way to the theme of the latest issue of Sh’ma. My son was there taking video testimony of genocide survivors. Some of the testimonies lasted as long as ten hours, for the survivors were telling the stories More »


Remembering to Eat

Zoe Jick
March 19, 2012

A year has passed since handing in my senior thesis, a paper entitled “The Jewish Relationship to Ethical Food,” which I quoted in my blog post last month. For months, I immersed myself in Jewish texts regarding food. Many of the authors I read are published in this issue of Sh’ma, including Joel Hecker and More »


Eating at the Table of the Omnipresent

Alex Braver
March 15, 2012

There is a saying from Ethics of the Fathers (Pirkei Avot): “Three who dine at a table and exchange words of Torah, it is as if they ate from the table of the Omnipresent,” (3:4). So, seeing that our tisch has brought us to eat from God’s table, it only seems fitting to say the blessing for sustenance, Birkat Hamazon, afterwards. More »


Hachnasat Orchim

Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster
March 9, 2012

Growing up, my grandmother’s cooking was legendary, not just for what she created in the kitchen (especially her baked goods) but for the creative ways it was deployed. My grandfather—a farmer and cattle dealer—often brought his business associates home for dinner, in large numbers and at short notice. I would hear stories from my mother’s More »


The Shabbos Tisch

Rabbi Amitai Adler
March 5, 2012

In some ways, the true experience of the tisch is inextricable from its Hasidic context. And this is both for good reason, and perhaps also for the best. It is for good reason because a true tisch requires the culture of the frum Shabbat: the appreciation of traditional dishes, of zmirot and nigunim, of the More »


Tisch: Expand Your Table

Emily Goldberg
March 1, 2012

Every Friday evening in Crown Heights was considered to be a holy experience. Jewish men of all ages would briskly walk through the windy Brooklyn streets, recognizing familiar faces as they entered Shabbat together. From a distance, one could see a swarm of black hats enter the modest home of the Hasidic Rebbe, where hundreds More »