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A New Understanding of Faith

Zoe Jick
September 26, 2011

My favorite class during college, “Philosophy of Religion,” methodically scoured through Western texts in order to examine issues such as the existence of god, ethics and faith. When I encountered Kierkegaard’s “Fear and Trembling” in this syllabus, which discusses “The Sacrifice of Isaac,” or Akedat Yitzchak, I thought I was golden. An easy A for More »


Child Sacrifice: Playing Sarah

Jake Goodman
September 22, 2011


I understand the Akedah, the story of the binding of Isaac, in the context of a people beginning to break away from an age-old tradition of child sacrifice. To gain a sense of control over the chaos of life, people sought to appease the gods through child sacrifice. Somehow, a shift occurred. People decided that they were no longer willing to sacrifice their children to the gods and re-framed the narrative. Today, we still practice child sacrifice when we reject our queer family members. More »


A Subversive Reading of the Akedah

Alex Braver
September 19, 2011

I wanted to pick up on Rabbi Dov Linzer’s point about our liturgical reminder of the Akedah in the morning blessings, a small paragraph that comes after the recitation of the entirety of this particular Biblical story each day.  When I first began engaging with these texts a few years ago, I felt slightly repulsed More »


The Binding of Isaac

Matt Bar
September 15, 2011

[media id=26] View the Guide to the Lyrics The Talmud teaches a principle by R. Ishmael which is repeated eighteen times in the course of its Tractates: “The Torah speaks the language of men’. This begs the question: how does text talk? Midrash is the circulation of the Oral Tradition within a contemporary procurement of More »


Forgotten Voices

Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster
September 12, 2011

Every year, I avoid the Akedah. In my student High Holiday pulpits, I preferred to give a sermon about anything but the Akedah. My usual self-doubt about having something unique to say about any subject at all would go into overdrive when it came time to writing a sermon for the second day of Rosh More »