Who Is Rich? The Bible Rapper and Ben Zoma Weigh In.

Matt Bar
February 17, 2012
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“I was recently in a store where I saw a beautiful print of a teaching from Ben Zoma, one of the sages of the Mishnah. It read, “Who is a rich man? He who is satisfied with his lot.” So begins Brent Chaim Spoder’s article ‘Who Is Rich,’ using Ben Zoma’s adage concerning livelihood as the jump-off. The same line happens to be the first tweet the Bible Raps account favorited back in October 27, 2010 (from “Jewish Tweets”).

Over the next 11 days I’ll be tweeting the following 11 lines from Bible Raps Twitter account about Consumerism and maybe, just maybe, one will be ‘favorited.’ A Rebbe in the digital age must have metrics!

1. We all want world peace”
but we all wanna feast….
so get real with the beast..
be it wolf or a sheep.

2. One buck two buck shots at the dollar
face on those bills kept some men in a collar

3. To be honest I promise I do it for the pro -fi/phe-ts
Ph or F, yes, either one I’ve lost it.

4. The patch on my pants for the lack of the cabbage is a problem/ I’m working on solvin’, we all in.

5. Get mad rich and take it back from the savages.

6. Sabbathes pass, but it’s not ‘ash to ash’
no it’s ‘what?’ to ‘what?’ And its ‘task’ to ‘task.’

7. Life is to act with more secrets than Akiva knew
It doesn’t matter what you think it only matters what you do.

8. Tower of Babel verse 1:

Sector A is great and sector B is looking looking lovely
and Kate can’t wait to contemplate what a falcon and a dove see
Fat Frank anticipates the taste of the clouds that are so fluffy
and who is chasing whom the sun or moon well now we shall see
our fate we’ll change when we rearrange our name in astrology
bring your bow and arrow we’ll surely go angel hunting
we’d rather slip then tip a brick “the tower is so lovely”
we’ll look down at gd’s crown resound “there is no one above me!”

9. ‘I know I look good, I know I’m mad fly
I keep my clients coming you don’t need to ask why…’
- Rahav

11. I mean just because I’m young, it doesn’t mean i’m dumb
i peep that silver and gold i’m figurin ways to get it done
see a part of me listens when they whisper ‘come and join us
schemin’ a lick, plottin a rip, pickin a couple of coins up.’
While i’m doing all this creepin’ I’m havin some trouble sleepin’
sippin on violence eatin wickedness til i’m sick i’m way to deep in
I needed to heed my father’s teaching obey my mother’s word
my ignorance set a trap for me i need to be that bird…’

- Billy Briscoe, “Poppin’ Proverbs.”

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Matt Bar is founder and Executive Director of Bible Raps, a non-profit born from Matt's desire to engage his Hebrew School classes on a deeper and more contemporary level than the way they were being taught at the time. Bible Raps launched out of Bar's participation in the PresenTense Institute during the summer of 2007. He continued to further his Jewish education during his 2008 year of study at The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. Since its inception, Bible Raps has reached tens of thousands of young Jews with Torah-rich performances in schools, Hillels, conferences and camps across the US and abroad. Their teaching materials are being used in countless classrooms and teachers are currently being trained to be certified "Bible Raps educators". ‬ ‪In 2011, Bar was also named to The ‬NY‪ Jewish Week's "36 Under 36" list, a prestigious list ‬"highlighting the dedicated lay leaders who are reordering our legacy organizations alongside community activists and social justice crusaders whose startups are chock-full of innovation,". He is also 2009-2010 member of slingshot. Before his current role as Executive Director of Bible Raps, Bar was also featured on MTV and NBC, has opened for Grammy winning group Outkast and performed at numerous clubs and venues as a folk rapper. Matt currently resides in Philadelphia and is working on Bible Raps Album #3 and hoping to put out Hip Hop Lullabies, within the calendar year.

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