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Here I am, Hineini

September 1, 2011

This sterling silver buckle (created by master silversmith Ľudovít Martonyik, Košice, Slovakia, using the “David” typeface by Itamar David) and kittel belt (sewn by Silvia Koperdáková, Košice) were created for Zuzana Riemerová & Shawn Landres’s August 2001 chuppah, “the first full-scale, traditional Jewish wedding of a Kosice Jewish community member” since the Shoah. Landres writes, “I didn’t really expect the buckle More »

Discussion Guide - The Akedah

September 1, 2001

1. Why did Abraham argue with God at Sodom but not argue when told to sacrifice his son?
2. Why would God ask Abraham to sacrifice his son? Was the binding of Isaac a test of Abraham?
3. How do you reconcile morally challenging religious texts with continued reverence for tradition and Torah?
4. What does it mean to you to say, “Hineini, Here I am”? More »

Judaism 3.0

Robert J. Saferstein
September 1, 2001

Robert J. Saferstein Today, as our reliance on technological innovation continues to grow, certain questions arise: What are the consequences of engaging with the world in seclusion and through virtual means? How do changes in the ways in which we communicate affect our right to information and our right to privacy? Should expiration dates exist More »

NiSh’ma, September 2011

September 1, 2001

Come see! Behold, the union of all things at once: “The Lord has made bare His holy arm…” (Isaiah 52:10): This is the [left] arm of salvation, of vengeance, of redemption. Why? To raise Israel from the dust: to bring Her to Him… And when this [arm] is raised to receive Her, fear engulfs the More »