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January Art Show: Works in Progress

This month’s online art exhibition features the work of Judith Margolis, Isa Milman and Ruth Weisberg. As Ruth says, “The creation of every work of art should be both a challenge and a pleasure to the artist and his or her audience. I am refer¬ring to pleasure as the profound feeling of com¬pletion or the [...]

Julian Voloj

“Occupy Wall Street”
Photography has long been a means to capture not only a moment in time but also a message and a movement. The following photographs are by Julian Voloj, who immigrated to the United States from Muenster, Germany, by way of Brussels in October 2003, who documented the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011

The Jewish Workplace: Inside the Box

This month’s online exhibition features the work of six artists who were asked to visually represent their immediate reaction to hearing the phrase, “The Jewish Workplace.” Confined to using a 7 inch by 7 inch square (or cube), each artist could use any medium they wanted to create their responses. As you’ll notice, the pieces [...]

“Sacred Design”

This month’s exhibition features thirteen architectural renderings of synagogues by the firm of Herman Coliver Locus Architecture of San Francisco. Some of these spaces have been realized; other have not. As we look at the various angles of these hyper-realistic images, we cannot help but wonder about a number of questions: Are these illustrations sacred [...]

Shoshana Brombacher

“Yonah Series”
Oil Pastel and Watercolor
Shoshannah Brombacher (Amsterdam, Holland 1959) studied Semitic Languages, Ancient Middle Eastern Culture and Codicology at the University of Leyden (Holland) and specialized in medieval Sephardic Hebrew poetry, culminating in a Ph.D. thesis about the Portuguese (Marano) Jewish Community in 17th century Amsterdam. She was involved in codicological projects with manuscripts, tombstones [...]

Archie Rand

“Yonah” from Mural Series at Congregation B’nai Yosef
Synthetic Polymer Paint
(1974-1977, 1990)

These images are from Rand’s murals at Congregation B’nai Yosef in Brooklyn, which is the only completely thematically painted synagogue in the world and the only one we know of since the 2nd Century Dura Europas synagogue in Syria.   The paintings are contiguous and [...]

David Wander and the Students of SAR High School

“The Book of Yonah”
Acrylic Paint on Paper
Nearly every year since its inception, SAR High School has supported an Artist in Residence program. Each year, a different New York area artist is invited to work together with a group of talented student artists to create a work of art that will be part of a permanent [...]

Art Exhibition: Jonah

This month’s online art exhibition explores the book of Jonah (Yonah in Hebrew) through the work of forty-six artists, including Dutch artist, Shoshana Brombacher, and pieces from her Yonah series; Brooklyn native, Archie Rand, and images of his mural at Congregation B’nai Yosef in Brooklyn; and David Wander and the work of his 43 students at SAR High School who spent a year depicting the Book of Yonah.

Place and the Production of Culture

In this month’s online art exhibition, nine diverse artists explore the impact of “place” on the production of culture.
Jacqueline Nicholls
“Don’t Talk to Women”
Jacqueline Nicholls is an artist and Jewish educator who uses her art to explore traditional Jewish ideas in untraditional ways. She exhibits internationally. An artist-inresidence with the Forward, Nicholls also teaches at the London School of Jewish Studies, a Modern-Orthodox adult education college. [...]

May 2012 Art Show: New Notions of Torah

In this month’s online art exhibition, four diverse artists explore what “new notions of Torah” means to them.  R. Justin Stewart examines how the idea of the messiah has been interpreted, reinterpreted, and misinterpreted throughout the ages in his interactive installation, “Distorting (A Messiah Project, 13C).”  Maarten van der Heijden uses manipulated photos of World [...]

Works in Progress

UPCOMING February 2013 Multidimensional Judaism: Six Basic Questions

  • David Moss explains the artistic concept of multidimensional Judaism
  • Yakir Englander asks: What is behind me?
  • Sarah Chandler asks: What surrounds me?
  • Elie Holtzer asks: What is within me?
  • David Wolpe asks: What is above me?
  • Ira Stone asks: Whom do I face?
  • Susan Silverman asks: What is ahead me?
  • Elka Abrahamson reflects on the essays
  • Jonathan Woocher explores how to educate for a multidimensional Jew
  • Beth Cousens creates a matrix to track our Jewish life
  • Owen Gottleib suggests games for an integrated Judaism