A Parent’s First Promise

Franny Silverman
May 8, 2013
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It started with a rainbow.
It started with an earth-drenching flood, and then a rainbow.
It started with a story.

Once upon a time there was an earth-drenching, life-drowning primordial flood, and a white dove, and a simple promise written in a rainbow:
Never again.
And of course we all believed.
Because, well…
A rainbow!

Perfect stripes of patterned color fading into each other like smoke,
softening the heart with its enormity,
(Is it even really there?!)
And ever since that moment,
all the other moments of stripes in the sky, on wall across from windows, in a shiny, greasy puddles on the sidewalk…
all the other moments are reminders, reflections, of that first promise.
Refracted light manifesting color.
Color manifesting hope,
Hope manifesting faith, trust, beauty…possibility.

This is a story of the promise of possibility.
Mistakes and ill-intentions can be forgiven by the presence of an open-heart.
Love, though she may seem as intangible as stripes of muted color in the sky, is always available to us—
to give and to receive.
And some of the biggest promises are meant to be unconditional, no matter what.

The promise of a parent.

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Franny Silverman is a Brooklyn-based actor, theatre-maker and educator. She is a co-founder of warner|shaw, and received Indiana University’s Jewish Studies Program’s 2012 Paul Artist-in-Residence for warner|shaw’s The Latvia Project. Franny has created and performed numerous new work for stage and ritual settings around the country as a founding company member of both Storahtelling and Northwoods Ramah Theatre. Performances with other companies include Brave New World Rep, The Culture Project, Estrogenius, Terranova Collective, Ensemble Studio Theatre, Epic Theatre, Passage Theatre Co, the Ontological-Hysteric, Little Lord, CUNY Grad Center, New Worlds Theater Project, NY Fringe Festival and Jewish Plays Project. Franny’s interactive seder installation,UnSeder|DisOrder, was presented by Chashama’s “Process is Fundamental” and she is the director of Ayelet Rose Gottlieb’s song-cycle Mayim Rabim/Great Waters (BRICLab, PS122, Wexner Center, Chicago Cultural Center). Franny is the Director of Youth Education at Brooklyn's progressive synagogue, Kolot Chayeinu. She is also a new mom to Sunhillow Belle.

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  1. btw, Noah directed by Darren Aronofsky with cinematography by longtime collaborator Matthew Libatique is slated for release 2014, The Year of the Horse. They’re all ready expecting big things. Kain and Lot are featured in the Mabul epic, interestingly enough.

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