Discussion Guide - Discussion Guide: Communities and Synagogues

October 2, 2012
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  1. Have independent minyanim and communities had an impact on the expectations of what mainstream synagogues are supposed to be and do? And if so, how? Or, have these communities become part of the synagogue scene without the name?
  2. How does a synagogue develop an identity — a sense of itself as an institution?
  3. Is the synagogue an institution that is largely middle class or upper middle class — and, if so, does that impact the services a synagogue provides?
  4. There seems to be less drive today to “belong”; how has this changed the ways in which synagogues reach out to potential new members?
  5. What role does “program” play in a synagogue’s mission?
    Are synagogues able to blur the boundaries between what happens within and outside its walls? Are synagogues responding to the trend that Jews today operate with multiple identities?
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