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When the Small Still Voice is Screaming in Your Ear

Rabbi Justin Goldstein
April 29, 2014

We all want prayer, or any “spiritual experience,” to be transcendental, transformative, transformational and inspirational each time. It doesn’t work that way. It really does not matter which tradition, which religion, which philosophy, which anything, these types of experiences are few and far between. There’s a story I’ve heard, I don’t know if it’s true, More »


Returning to the Table with God

Rabbi Adam Greenwald
April 25, 2014

“And Aaron was silent.”  (Leviticus 10:3) Three millennia ago, in the desert of Sinai, the two sons of Aaron were consumed by fire at the altar of God. The Torah tells us nothing of the nature of their sin, only that they had brought an aish zara, a strange offering, and that they paid for More »


New Practice on an Old Ritual

Naomi Less
April 24, 2014

Someone once asked me what I do: Are you “religious”? What does that word religious mean, afterall?  I do certain things in life religiously-like say “love you” at the end of phone conversations with people I love. I always live-translate Hebrew to English when I teach to make sure everyone has access to what I’m More »


Finding Without Seeking

Yoni A. Dahlen
April 23, 2014

Nearly one hundred years after Martin Buber encouraged his readers to pursue the moments of I and Thou, and almost fifty years after Emmanuel Levinas developed his philosophy regarding the face of the other, the I-centered culture of our age has succeeded in its attempt to distance itself, not only from God, but from one More »