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Synagogues and Spiritual Communities

Matt Shapiro
October 30, 2012

  i grew up in a synagogue where i found my spirituality outside of the sanctuary and my community was my friends. we would gather together on shabbat afternoon play basketball football and frisbee read tv guides make up stupid inside jokes and raid the pantry of whoever’s home we were at that shabbat. i More »


Are You My People?

Franny Silverman
October 28, 2012

On the second day of Rosh Hashanah, my Dad emailed a New York Times article to our immediate family accompanied by the note: “Now this is taking it a little too far? Agree?” He is a man of few words. The article, For Young Jews, a Service Says, ‘Please Do Text’ reports on a Miami More »


Aitz Hayim-Judaism Beyond Belief

Rabbi Julie Pelc Adler
October 26, 2012

More than 20 years ago, before terms like “post-denominational” and “independent minyan” were catch-phrases in the American Jewish discourse, a small group of intellectually-minded folks in suburban Chicago sought to create a community that went beyond the norms of the American synagogue. And so Aitz Hayim Center for Jewish Living was born. Aitz Hayim was More »


Melting Pot Shabbat Dinners

Emma Goldberg
October 25, 2012

For my first Friday night at college, I decided to attend Shabbat dinner. I had never seen a dining room so packed. During the meal, I made a joking reference to my family’s high holiday celebrations and a boy at my table turned to me in shock. “You’re Jewish?” he asked. I was taken aback. More »


Being a Jew in a One Shul Town

Rachel S. Harris
October 24, 2012

On a trip to Munich just before the New Year, I remembered what it meant to grow up in a one shul town. I’ve lived on four continents and in more than a dozen different towns and cities, yet I’ve always managed to live somewhere where there was only one synagogue. In the only places More »


If You Build It, They Will Come: Who Are ‘You’ vs. What Is ‘It’

Dr. Gail Labovitz
October 23, 2012

What I noticed reading the draft of the current Sh’ma is that the issue is quite top-heavy with rabbis first and foremost, with a strong representation of academics and leaders of community organizations close behind.  Who is rather noticeably missing from this conversation?  Lay people, synagogue members, indie minyan members, unaffiliated Jews.  Imagine a round-table More »


The Synagogue: I-Thou

Emily Goldberg
October 22, 2012

syn·a·gogue: A building or place of meeting for religious instruction in the Jewish faith. As a seventeen-year old spiritual seeker, I have strived to find a community that caters the needs of my evolving Judaism. In the heart of South Florida, my family and committed ourselves to multiple synagogues throughout my childhood, each with unique More »