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is the Associate Dean of the Ziegler School and Lecturer in Rabbinics and Jewish Law. Along with his academic teaching he gives an early morning class in Halakhah that is recorded for Jewish learners worldwide and posted to Rabbi Alexander teaches Talmud and Rabbinical Literature throughout Los Angeles to students of all ages and all walks of life, including a regular class at Ikar. He was a founding staff member at Camp Ramah Darom in 1997, where he worked 10 summers and served on the Board of Directors. He is a certified mashgiach (kosher supervisor) by the the Conservative Movement's Rav Hamachshir program and currently serves on its Committee for Jewish Law and Standards.

Competing Obligations Can Create Harmony: Physical and Spiritual Sustenance in the Workplace

Rabbi Aaron Alexander
November 29, 2012

The following responsum (teshuvah) was written by Rabbi Israel Isserlein, an Austrian luminary who lived from 1390 - 1460, and author of the Terumat Ha-Deshen.  Along with his rabbinical duties, he was known to dabble in money lending, an important piece of information for this particular piece. This is the fifth responsum in his collection. Translator’s More »


The Covenant Community

Rabbi Aaron Alexander
October 10, 2012

Let me begin by saying that I am honored to be a part of the Sh’ma blog team this year.  This publication never ceases to deliver thought-provoking and timely Torah.  Since my passion is the study of Judaism’s legal tradition (halakhah) I am going to focus my blogpage on a particular genre of halakhic literature about which I am More »