From Our Market Development Director

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Dear Sh’ma Subscriber,

I wanted to let you know that you will soon be receiving an email from the Forward newspaper that will feature a special edition of Sh’ma for the High Holidays.

As many of you know, for the past two years, the journal Sh’ma has been engaged in a rigorous process of creative self-assessment and re-design – taking the very best of what we’ve always been and reimagining Sh’ma to extend its reach and impact in the contemporary media landscape.

Earlier this year, we tested a prototype we called “TableTalk,” which sought to present our unique, theme-based Jewish content as a tool for everyday engagement. After listening to the feedback we received from readers like you, we refined our approach, and will be publishing – in partnership with the Forward – a “new” Sh’ma that you will receive in time for the holidays.

The holiday issue explores the theme of “possibility” through a Jewish lens, using accessible text and graphic formats. It comes with a “conversation and contemplation” guide designed to spur your thoughts individually, or in discussion with friends or family. Readers can use the issue plus the guide as a tool to spark conversation around a family dinner table, or at a synagogue or community center.

When you receive an email from the Forward, I hope you will take the time to view and share the Sh’ma content online, download and read the issue at your leisure during the High Holiday season, and, if you are inclined, use it to facilitate a discussion on “possibility.” We would appreciate if you, as a reader familiar with the journal, would let us know what you think of this latest step in our experimentation by completing a brief survey. We will provide a link on once the issue goes live.

In the meantime, I want to thank you again for your interest and your continued support of Sh’ma.


Robert J. Saferstein
Market Development Director

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