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Among Those in the Room…

Dr. Gail Labovitz
April 10, 2013

I am a Jew by birth and actually do feel that even in the modern era of fluid and optional identities, being Jewish is something more than a choice for me.  Moreover, my Jewish identity is more than religious; it is an identity that is ethnic and cultural.  It is true that I have made More »


A Leader By Choice

April 8, 2013

Leaders are at the core of our Jewish past, present, and future. While in every story of greatness, from Joseph to Moses, David to Solomon, Noah to Jonah, Rachael to Miriam, Ben-Gurion to Golda Meir, and the lesser known heroes that build our future every day, a choice was made. Each was given the option More »


We are all Jews by Choice

Rabbi Justin Goldstein
April 5, 2013

It has always fascinated me that a people who make up but a mere .02% of the world have a litany of words to identify the other 99.8% of people.  Over the generations, our language to describe “the other” has changed, varying in its degree of offensiveness to modern sensibilities.  I know myself, and I More »


Butterfly; A Hassidic Tale

Avram Mlotek
April 4, 2013

Once there was a rebbe who had a special power.  He could answer any question posed to him.  People from far and wide would gather to ask and the rebbe never left his questioners disappointed. A man arrived in shtetl, in town, and heard of the rebbe’s supposed gift; he was skeptical, to say the More »