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Who Wins, and Why: Rome or Persia?

Alex Braver
November 1, 2011

Somehow, I was not surprised when the first thing that came to mind after hearing that this month’s issue of Sh’ma would be about “Israel and the UN” was the Talmud…..

Rabbah b. Bar Hana in the name of R. Johanan, on the authority of R. Judah b. Illa’i, said: Rome is designed to fall into the hands of Persia….
Rab said: Persia will fall into the hands of Rome. Thereupon R. Kahana and R. Assi asked of Rab: (Shall) the builders fall into the hands of the destroyers? He said to them: Yes, it is the decree of the King. Others say: He replied to them: They [the Persians] too are guilty for they destroyed the synagogues. More »