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10 Lessons I Learned Through The Uncertain Trial of Fertility & Childbirth

Rabbi Joshua Bolton
October 29, 2014

1. There is a large, though relatively closed community named “Those Who Lived Through The Uncertain Trial of Fertility and Childbirth.” 2. While “our society” spends immense energy on warning teens about all the emotional / physical / social trials associated with becoming pregnant, it provides absolutely no preparation for 30 year olds as they More »


Birth and Destiny

Richard Lederman
October 22, 2014

One might find it odd that the rate of infertility in the Bible seems out of proportion. To start, there are the three matriarchs right in a row: Sarah, Rebecca and the beloved Rachel. Rival sister Leah is fertile but unloved. Then there’s the beloved wife of Elkanah, Hannah of Rosh Hashanah fame, mother of More »


“Everyone, please shut up”

Rabbi Joshua Kullock
October 6, 2014

I’ll say it up front: Writing about infertility is something that is difficult for me. I know dear friends and congregants who have struggled with this issue, some of them exploring the path of adoption, some of them going for many rounds of IVF or for the intricacies of surrogacy, and some of them deciding More »


Days of Awe, Days of Love

Yoni A. Dahlen
September 22, 2014

I first fell in love when I was twelve years old. Until then, I had used the word to represent some concept of permanence. I loved my parents, because they loved me, they took care of me, they consoled me when I was hurting, they supported me when I succeeded, and they supported me when More »