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Is Being Frugal Enough?

Rachel Petroff Kessler
February 9, 2012

I’ve never considered myself immune to our society’s consumerist culture. I want. Always have. When I was young I used to pour over the American Girl catalog. In middle school, I obsessed over the Delias clothes catalog. Today, cookware and furniture are the most common items of attention. The subject may have changed, but the More »


Making the Invisible Visible

Rabbi Steven I. Rein
February 6, 2012

“Rabbi Chanina bar Pappa said: Whoever derives benefit from this world without first reciting a blessing is regarded as if he has stolen from God and the community of Israel” (Berachot 35a-b). The relationship between the recitation of blessings and God is clear, for God is the One who created the fruit of the vine More »


Choosing Justice

Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster
February 2, 2012

Sometimes I feel like corporations think we can consume our way to a better world. If we only buy the right (green/local/organic/fair trade) products, we will make things better. Or we buy something and it makes a donation to a cause. What a bargain! I got to take something home and someone else got helped. More »