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Spiritual Cycles

Avram Mlotek
February 8, 2013

  “B’shem HaShem, elokey Yisrael, Mi’ymini Michael u’mi’smoli Gavriel, U’milfanay Uriel u’me’achoray Refael. V’al roshi Shchinat El. In the name of God, the God of Israel: To my right is Michael and to my left is Gabriel. Before me Uriel and behind me Refael. And above me: the all encompassing presence of God.” This classic More »


The Jewish Art of Moonwalking

Rabbi Juan Mejia
February 6, 2013

From North Korea to Ancient Rome, in their pantheons and monuments, most nations of the world depict the leader, emperor, or caesar as a visionary man (alas, seldom a woman) with his eyes fiercely set into the future, often with a pointed finger (or better yet a sword) leading the way forth.  This artistic motif More »