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Ups and Downs

Zachary Sitkin
November 13, 2012

Every institution has its ups and downs and Jewish institutions, in particular, are not immune from this phenomenon. I have spent many years of my life working in various Jewish organizations: Six years in over 4 different synagogues, 4 summers at Jewish summer camps, and 2 years at the J.C.C. I must admit that the More »


The Human Microphone

Avram Mlotek
November 12, 2012

While the human microphone roared its messages in the Occupy movement, Yiddish poetry and song once served the same goal.  From the late 1900s into the 1920s,Yiddish song was the voice of the Jewish workplace, decrying injustice, calling the masses to action, singing amid marches, crying out for freedom and change. Today as the Sh’ma community looks into the More »


Jew for Hire

Shawn Shafner
November 9, 2012

Show me the money, I’ll shomer shabbat. What kind of Jew are you looking for? I swing from Renewal to Orthodox and My havdalah is spiced to the core. . Or it can be mild if you want that from me. I mean, to serve your community. I aim to please. I’ll bend my knees More »


On Myth and Progress

Yoni A. Dahlen
November 8, 2012

In their definitive work on the demythification of thought and experience, The Dialectic of Enlightenment, Theodor Adorno and Max Horkeimer warn of a pragmatic future void of meaning.  In the critique, the workers of the modern age are compared to the crew members in the Odysseus myth, their ears blocked and their heads lowered while More »


So…What do you do?

Rabbi Justin Goldstein
November 7, 2012

One of my favorite things about the Jewish is that the lines between ritual, ethical, and mundane life becomes blurred, such that many (most?) Jews do not consider it first and foremost a religion; yet to observant Jews Judaism does not necessary seem “religious” because every aspect of our life becomes influenced by our religion. More »


How I Jew

Franny Silverman
November 6, 2012

In early October I had the great pleasure of co-officiating at the marriage of my high school prom date to his perfect beloved. It was a brisk fall day and the wedding party poured out in patterns of black and white from the colorful chuppah woven from photographs that canopied over our heads.  As the More »


Praying on Top of a Tree

Alex Braver
November 5, 2012


The image of a Jewish worker praying on top of a tree is a powerful one. Balancing between God above and their employer below, between concentration on prayer and concentration on footing, between their need for money and their need for meaning, the Jew perched on a branch reciting the Shema and the Amidah dramatically represents the balancing act that modern Jews in far less visually dramatic synagogues, offices, schools, and organizations must negotiate between the different parts of their identities, between their careers and their faith, between the work of sustaining the Jewish community and the work of sustaining their souls. More »


Talmud Torah K’Neged Kulam– Remember?

Rabbi Amitai Adler
November 1, 2012

Sometimes there is absolutely nothing more rewarding than being a Jewish professional. There are moments when I am in a classroom, teaching kids Torah– helping them connect with their heritage, giving them the tools they need to build nuanced understanding and ask complex questions of our tradition– where it feels worth almost anything, because I’m More »