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Clowns & Looney Tunes

Jake Goodman
January 5, 2012

NOTE:  After having written this blog, it is clear that at least part of my thinking was inspired by “Kaddish for an Unborn Child,” by Imre Kertész.  It is one of the most brilliant books I’ve ever read;  I cannot recommend it highly enough. Like so many other Americans, I have been paying attention to More »


Who Would God Vote For?

Alex Braver
January 2, 2012

Well, at first the Tanach seems to think that God would vote for nobody…or for God’s self.  After entering the Land, things don’t really go as planned—there is chaos and disorder, idolatry and wickedness—not the idyllic picture of a land flowing with milk and honey that the people expected when wandering the desert.  God chose More »