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BY: ALISSA THOMAS Teshuvah is a lifelong work in progress. Every year during Elul and the Yamim Noraim, I find myself digging deep into the process of teshuvah. I think to myself that I would love to feel such an intense spiritual desire toward growth and tikkun year-round. But each year after the chagim pass and I [...]

Judd Kruger Levingston: Adult leaders in schools can foster a democratic environment by giving students authentic and legitimate opportunities for written and spoken expression in a free press, in the classroom, and through the arts. 

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Parenting as a Spiritual Practice

Margot Stein: As parents, we must continuously pay deep attention — to interaction after interaction — or risk becoming irrelevant in our children’s lives. They, and we, are works in progress: they grow; I grow. It is their growth that initiates my growth as a parent. As long as they keep growing, I do, as well.

Wandering Toward a Promised Land

Menachem Creditor: We change; our synagogues and what we want them to be changes. Each generation rejects the model it inherited and then — with some moderate or radical changes — becomes a version of that model.

‘Siyyum’: Closing the Book

Dorothy Richman: I don’t like endings. I try to avoid goodbyes. But after completing the 2,711 pages of the Babylonian Talmud, my siyyum haShas was a real ending.

A Changing Landscape

Paul Scham: I came to realize that my vehement arguments in favor of the war were contradicting my own values and they weren’t convincing me, whatever effect they might have had on others, that the war was justified. Though I continue to explain Israel to others, I have to understand it. And though once I think I did, I really can no longer understand, at a fundamental level, why Israel resists taking available chances for peace.

Works in Progress

UPCOMING February 2013 Multidimensional Judaism: Six Basic Questions

  • David Moss explains the artistic concept of multidimensional Judaism
  • Yakir Englander asks: What is behind me?
  • Sarah Chandler asks: What surrounds me?
  • Elie Holtzer asks: What is within me?
  • David Wolpe asks: What is above me?
  • Ira Stone asks: Whom do I face?
  • Susan Silverman asks: What is ahead me?
  • Elka Abrahamson reflects on the essays
  • Jonathan Woocher explores how to educate for a multidimensional Jew
  • Beth Cousens creates a matrix to track our Jewish life
  • Owen Gottleib suggests games for an integrated Judaism