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A Letter from the Editor

Dear Friends,

Much has happened over the past year in the world; much has happened in the life of the journal Sh’ma, in its pages and its publishing infrastructure. Just about a year ago, Jewish Family & Life, our publisher of 11 years, announced it would close. When we looked around for a new publisher, a new home that would ensure our vitality and support our independent mission begun 40 years ago by Eugene Borowitz, we found a perfect partner in Lippman Kanfer Family Foundation. The Foundation, a long-time supporter of Sh’ma, has created the independent Sh’ma Institute to house the journal; it aims to increase the journal’s impact and expand readership through a multi-layered media platform. The Foundation is enabling this transition, for which we are grateful, but expects Sh’ma to continue to generate support from other sources, including our readers. And so we look anew to you, our readers and past supporters, to help us continue to publish the journal Sh’ma.

Although we’ve changed publishers, some things have not changed — our deep commitment to pluralism and the unassailable power of ideas presented in a minimalist framework. More than ever, it is essential to have a forum for civil, engaged discourse on the issues facing contemporary Jewry. Open the pages of Sh’ma and that’s what you’ll find each month — an unusually wide spectrum of perspectives that draw from the experiences of rabbis, scholars, philanthropists, spiritual seekers and wanderers, activists, students, educators, lay and professional leaders. Open any issue and you’ll find our pages nurturing writers as they explore the richness, the complexity, the splendor of Judaism.

With your help, we will continue to publish, and hopefully raise money to digitalize the first 25 years of Sh’ma, creating a searchable database and archive — a trove of scholarly and inspirational essays published under the editorial leadership of Eugene Borowitz and Nina Beth Cardin. We are also hoping to publish a collection drawn from 20 years of our simulated Talmud page, NiSh’ma — where contemporary discourse and argument bring diversity to life through text.

Please make the mitzvah of giving — the commandment of tzedakah — as a Sh’ma mitzvah. Thank you for your generous tax deductible contribution. Please click on “Donate,” and follow our secure web link.