Miriam Stern’s Artwork

August 29, 2014
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Artist’s Statement:

Rosh Hashanah celebrates God’s creation of the world we live in. It is filled with myriads of color, texture, light, and movement. Taking imagery from my photographs and combining them with previous paintings and prints I manipulate and transform them into something new. These images represent the birth of the universe.

Over the past two years I have created digital images using the iPad. Because I travel a great deal and can’t carry many art supplies, I have discovered the joys and frustrations of using this new media.

About Miriam Stern:

Miriam Stern is a painter and printmaker an installation artist. She has exhibited both in the United States and Israel, and has won numerous awards and prizes.   She usually works in series that often use Jewish values and ideas as her themes. Her art has been reproduced in magazines and books of poetry. In addition to producing art, she has curated several art exhibitions and also lectures about Art as Midrash.




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