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Lifting the Veil: To Live the Incomplete Life

Yoni A. Dahlen
January 22, 2013

The most brilliant of artists are never satisfied.  Their brushes stay wet, their chisels continually being sharpened until their work is pried from their clenched grasps.  The tears of the poet, the sculptor, the dancer speak to the seemingly unjust nature of art.  They cry, “no, not now” or “if I only could add one More »


Living Beyond the To-Do List

Rachel Petroff Kessler
January 17, 2013

I love lists. Shopping lists, pro/con lists, packing lists, and, most especially, to-do lists. At work and at home, on white boards, Outlook calendars and post-it notes, many of my mornings start with making a to-do list. More than creating the list, I love crossing each item off after it has been purchased/packed/accomplished. In fact, More »


Prayer: A Process Grounded in Community

Emily Goldberg
January 14, 2013

Three steps forward, three steps back. Bow to the left, right, center. Raise heels three times. These seemingly simply instructions have guided the way I pray since I was nine years old. My Israeli teachers distributed our oversized and unfamiliar red Siddurim to my third grade class and called out the motions with the turn More »


An Endless Spool of Yarns

Shawn Shafner
January 11, 2013

All stories are old. Some might even say that there’s only ever been one story: Life and death. Or maybe that’s death and life? And maybe love spins its own winding tale. And friendship, too. But whether there’s ever been one or a few, even new stories are quite old. . The story is woven More »


Les Mizdrash

Rabbi Amitai Adler
January 9, 2013

Perhaps tangential to this month’s topic, I have nonetheless been thinking about how Julie and I recently went to see the film of Les Miserables, the musical/opera based on Victor Hugo’s magnificent novel. Though the film was flawed in some key ways, we both enjoyed it very much– I’ve seen the musical five times, and More »


God – a work in progress

Rabbi Justin Goldstein
January 3, 2013

“What is your personal relationship to, and perspective of, God?”  That’s how I remember the question being worded.  I remember staring at the words.  I hate writing response to vague questions.  How does one concisely, accurately and with integrity explain their “personal relationship to, and perspective of, God?”  I suppose it’s a reasonable question to More »