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Eye Rollers and Deep Breathers

Lauren Henderson
March 7, 2014

One of my classmates at JTS says that you can divide up most of the JTS student body (and most groups in general) into two categories:  “deep breathers” and “eye rollers.” The deep breathers are those meditative types, the ones who meet a new situation with a huge inhale and a contented smile. They’re the More »


The Hardest Part

Rabbi Amitai Adler
March 5, 2014

The foremost challenge of hope–an ideal, a goal to be striven for–is the long arc of waiting. In our personal lives, this may be comparatively manageable, a matter of days, weeks, or months as we wrestle with some challenge in our professional, avocational, or inner lives. But in our collective life as a people, the More »


Lying about the Tooth Fairy

Rabbi Sara Brandes
March 4, 2014

I am the mother of two and I have always prided myself on being a very honest parent. We talk explicitly with our kids about death, sex, Divine authorship of the Bible, and other sticky subjects.  The one glaring exception in this parenting policy has been in the language my husband and I have used More »