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Settled & Unsettled

January 21, 2014

1. What animates recent trends that find people leaving clear career trajectories for a hopscotch career that includes shorter interval jobs with less security and advancement?
2. How might we use liminal space — the doorways and gateways of Judaism — as a neutral zone for developing more fully as indi-viduals and organizations? What might those doorways look like? And what would they offer us?
3. Jews are often considered a “wandering people.” Is that true today? How does statehood, a sovereign national home for the Jewish people, change the notion of wandering?
4. What does the Jewish holiday cycle teach us about certainty, vulnerability, and being settled and unsettled?
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Online Exhibition: “L’Dor Vador: From Generation to Generation”

January 3, 2014

This month’s exhibition features the work of Nancy Current. For centuries, Jews have experienced the constant ebb and flow of being both settled and unsettled. After long periods of being settled in a particular place, Jews have found themeselves repeatedly forced from their homes and lands, and cast into uncertainty. While these acts of persecution and dispersion might More »