Discussion Guide - First Encounters

September 1, 2014
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  1. Bringing together a myriad of voices and experiences provides Sh’ma readerswith an opportunity in a few very full pages to explore a topic of Jewish interest from a variety of perspectives. To facilitate a fuller discussion of these ideas, we offer the following questions: 
  2. How do you understand the opening words of the Torah, Bereishit bara Elohim, and how might the many ways to interpret this verse influence our understanding of brit, our partnership with God in creating our world?
  3. What was your first encounter with God, or with a sacred moment that altered your Jewish way in the world? How does an approach such as the so-called “beginner’s mind” change an encounter? How does it open us up to discovering something new about all that is old? How might such an approach change our encounter with the same texts and prayers we recite each year at the High Holiday services? 
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