Awesome Wonders

Rabbi Joshua Bolton
August 28, 2014
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This Rosh Hashanah I am wondering about forgiveness – always easier to talk about in email sermons than it is to practice with close friends and myself.

And about the giant stone and the King commanding me, “Lift it upon the roof.”

And about that hummus shop in Rehavia, Between Azza and Berlin.

And wondering about the proximity of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s yartzeit to that of Reb Zalman’s.

And wondering about this verse: All the streams flow to the ocean, yet the ocean is never full.

And about the meaning of shemitah – especially for those of us living “abroad.”

And about how good I actually have to be.

And about Menachem Froman who transcended the state. He lived in The State of God.

And wondering about private fasts – when no one else knows you’re hungry.

And about the little goat who wanders off into the wilderness and meets Azazel – that mysterious part our soul.

And about how contemporary Jews really haven’t reconstructed the ancient obsession with “sacrifice” – it would probably require too much piety.

And about the vision I had of my father z”l dancing in white streimel. He was wearing a full beard and was surrounded by ethereal light – the effulgence.

And about the blessings of having made the wrong decision.

And about the blessings of a desired path becoming obscured and impossible to follow.

And about other religious people who were taught to hold each other’s hands and pray aloud. How nice that would be for the Jews.

And wondering about the moments I sat in the Judean desert, out beyond camp, in the quiet and wind.

And about those who walk across the bridge of this life with courage.

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