Online Exhibition: “L’Dor Vador: From Generation to Generation”

January 3, 2014
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This month’s exhibition features the work of Nancy Current. For centuries, Jews have experienced the constant ebb and flow of being both settled and unsettled. After long periods of being settled in a particular place, Jews have found themeselves repeatedly forced from their homes and lands, and cast into uncertainty. While these acts of persecution and dispersion might have meant the end of our people, Jews have instead, survived wherever they have gone to. This in large part because no matter where Jews end up, the Jewish people are always carrying their “settledness” with them in the forms of Torah and Talmud, providing a structure for living even when uprooted from their lands. Accordingly, passing on the teachings of Jewish religion and culture to one’s children has been vital for the survival of the Jewish people, especially when forced to withstand long periods of physical “unsettledness.” The exhortation to “teach your children” is the basis of this series of work on glass and paper. Using screenprinted images of manuscript fragments as metaphors for Jewish teachings handed down through the ages, the artist freely adapts glasspainting and printmaking techniques, reflecting the process of preservation and change within the Jewish culture. We hope you will enjoy this month’s echibition, and invite you to share your thoughts with us.

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About the Artist:

Nancy Current’s work is considered visual midrash, a visual commentary on Jewish thought and writings, a type of Jewish art which is gaining in popularity. Her imagery is centered on interpreting Jewish cultural and religious thought, using glass and light to make a spiritual connection to the viewer. Her use of Fremont Antique stained glass as a canvas results in a distinctive type of glass art influenced by painting, drawing and printmaking. By working in series on both glass and paper, she has been able to adapt techniques such as stained glass painting, monotype, screen printing and pastel drawing to glass.

A native of Seattle Washington, the artist has maintained a glass studio in Seattle since 1987. She studied glass painting at the Pilchuck Glass School with Patrick Reyntiens, the foremost painter of stained glass in the world, and printmaking at the Pratt Fine Arts Center (Seattle). In recent years she has taught glass painting at Pratt, Pilchuck and Buildwerk Frauenau (Germany). Presently she concentrates on creating prints and glass paintings which can be wall mounted, freestanding, or architectural installations. She exhibits nationally, and her work is in private collections nationally and internationally.

View Nancy Current’s art on her website,, or on her blog, Contact her at

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