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  1. It is not only government and higher taxes that “stand a good chance of reducing savings, investment, or work”. The greedy, (make a fast buck at anyone’s expense) private sector is just as despicable.

    This article fails to mention that Leonard Hausman is the one time “Founder, Vice Chairman and Chief Academic Officer of American Higher Education”. According to complaints and documents sent to the US State Department and the Better Business Bureau of Boston Mr. Hausman presided over a joint venture academic program in Saudi Arabia from October of 2010 to August of 2011. Numerous allegations of human trafficking, fraud, money laundering, theft, and violations to both international and domestic law leveled at his business partner- Ejad Al Sharq-are still filtering their way through the Saudi court system… one would think that Mr. Hausman would properly address the large number of US citizens affected by his program before lecturing the rest of us on what might constitute “socially undesirable outcomes.”

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