“Sacred Design”

October 2, 2012
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This month’s exhibition features thirteen architectural renderings of synagogues by the firm of Herman Coliver Locus Architecture of San Francisco. Some of these spaces have been realized; other have not. As we look at the various angles of these hyper-realistic images, we cannot help but wonder about a number of questions: Are these illustrations sacred in-and-of themselves? Must they actually be built? What differentiates these renderings as something “special” from those of non-spiritual spaces? What makes a place “holy?” At what point do places of worship and other sites become imbued with spirituality? In pondering some of these questions, we invite you to share your responses and thoughts on both this page and our Facebook page.

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Susie Coliver, along with her partners Bob Herman and Steve Rajninger at the Herman Coliver Locus Architecture in San Francisco, designs places for Jewish communal gatherings, including prayer spaces.

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