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June 1, 2012
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Gaston Bachelard (1994). The Poetics of Space: The classic look at how we experience intimate places,( Boston, M.A., Beacon Press)

Keith Basso (1996). Wisdom Sits in Places: Landscape and Language Among the Western Apache (Mexico, University of New Mexico Press)

Denise Birdwell-Pheasant  and Donna Lawrence-Zuniga, Eds., (1999). HouseLife: Space, place and family in Europe, (Oxford, UK., Berg)

Julia Brauch, et.al. Eds.(2008). Jewish Topographies: Visions of Space, Traditions of Place, (Ulster, U.K., Ashgate)

Edward Casey (1998). The Fate of Place: A Philosophical History, (Berkeley, CA, University of California Press).

Howard Cannatella (2007). Place and Being, in Educational Philosophy and Theory, 39:6, 622-632.

Susan Fainstein (2010). The Just City (USA, Cornell university Press)

Phil Hubbard, et al (2004). Key Thinkers on Space and Place (London, Sage)

M.  H. Ilias, (2008). Space, Memory and Jewish National Identity, (New Century Publications)

Miwon Kwon One Place after Another Site-Specific Art and Locational Identity

Jeff Malpas (1999). Place and Experience: A Philosophical Topography (Cambridge University Press, UK)

Miles Orvell, et.al (2009). Public Space and the Ideology of Place in American Culture (Rodopi, Netherlands)

Jurgita Šiaučiūnaitė-Verbickienė  and Larisa Lempertienė, eds.(2007). Jewish Space in Central and Eastern Europe: Day-to-Day History,  (Newcastle, U.K. Cambridge Scholars)

Shimon Stern (1993). Patterns of  Spatial Behavior among Jews in West European and North American Cities in Papers in Jewish Demography, pp.177-190, (Policy Archive digital Library, retrieved, April 2nd, 2012).

Laurajane Smith (2006) Uses of Heritage (U.K.,Routledge )

Edward Soja (2010) Seeking Spatial Justice (Globalization and Community) (USA, Univ Of Minnesota Press)

Yi-Fu Tuan  (2001 Space and Place, (U.S.A., Univ Of Minnesota Press)

Sharon Zukin (2009). Naked City: The Death and Life of Authentic Urban Spaces (USA, Oxford University Press)

Journal Edition dedicated to Jewish Space / Place

Elisheva Fonrobert and Vera Shemtov (Special. Eds.), (2005). Jewish Social Studies, Special Issue: Jewish Conceptions and Practices of Space 11:3 (Indiana University Press)

WEBSITE: http://artandsocialchange.blogspot.com/2010/10/mierle-laderman-ukeles.html

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