R. Justin Stewart

May 1, 2012
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R. Justin Stewart, www.rjustin.com

Distorting (A Messiah Project, 13C)


The Torah itself is an unchanged document, but there is not a singular way to understand it.  At many different points in history (and even at the same point in time but in different places) the meaning of words or phrases were interpreted quiet differently.  The evolution of the idea of the messiah is – at its core – the evolution of the ideas introduced in the Torah. As the foundational documents of the Jewish people, the writers and thinkers who shaped the idea of the messiah were building off of Torah, interpreting and reinterpreting it and bringing it to life in their day, whether 3,000 or 3 years ago. “Distorting (A Messiah Project, 13C),” is the first installation in a research intensive series of sculptures and installations that challenges conventional wisdom around one of history’s most controversial subjects. ”Distorting (a messiah project, 13C),” an intricate web of fleece, rope, and plastic, is a three-dimensional representation of the concept of the messiah, as it existed in the 13th Century. As viewers move through and around the installation, they will find QR (quick response) codes embedded throughout the sculpture. By scanning those codes with cell phones or other mobile devices, they will be able to access the bit of data each pod represents and therefore begin to draw connections between the sculptural elements and the history of the messianic concept.


R. Justin Stewart was born ins Waukesha Wisconsin in 1980. He attended the Kansas City Art Institute where he earned his BFA in 2003 followed by the University of Minnesota where he earned his MFA in 2008. He currently lives and works in New York City. He has shown at Mesa Art Center, Mesa, Arizona; Plus Gallery, Denver; Conkling Galery, Minnesota State University, Mankato, Minnesota; Urban Institute For Contemporary Art, Grand Rapids; Like The Spice Gallery and Invisible Dog, New York City; and more.

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