Beth Heit

May 1, 2012
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Beth Heit,

Eve II
Clay Sculpture
8” x 16”


I was struck by the phrase used in the Hebrew Bible to describe Eve after she and Adam were expelled from the Garden of Eden. She is called “Aym Kol Chai, “ Mother of all life. I was looking at statues of the Earth Mother from India but in keeping with Jewish traditions I made her more abstract just hinting at the figure rising from the clay.


For more than thirty years, clay has been a way of life for me, a devotion, a path for getting in touch with what is most essential. I take pleasure in experimenting with pinching, coiling, slab building and throwing diverse clay bodies, making use of various glazes and different firing techniques to get unexpected shapes and surfaces. My work has grown and changed greatly over the years. My current sculptures reflect my ongoing fascination with the mundane and the mystical, incorporating ideas and techniques developed in my previous work. The sculptures that arise from these investigations are metaphors for myths and memories.

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