Batya F. Kuncman

May 1, 2012
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Batya F. Kuncman,

Silence is Deeper, Screaming is Higher
Oil on canvas 48″x48″ 2011

Archival pigment ink on paper, size variable


The concept of being enveloped by the light of the Creator (revealed or concealed) is intriguing and is at the core of all my work. The works reveal my quest for finding Torah concepts in the mundane existence. Reflecting upon issues of our age of convergence and globalization I weave my direct experience with the human and environmental tapestry of seemingly isolated events into a larger contextual and universal tale. “Passage” describes the human condition; the mitzvah of dwelling in a Succah is presented as an embrace by spiritual warmth and love of Torah concepts as we progress through life. “Silence is deeper Screaming is higher” responds to the universal state of affairs, the interconnectivity of humanity and the power of prayer.


Batya is an Israeli born multidisciplinary artist based in New York City. Recently, her painting series “Landscapes for Humanity” was on exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art. Her work has been internationally exhibited in galleries that include the Museum of Modern Art of Taluca, Mexico and the Haun Tie Art Museum in Beijing, China. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications including MIT Technology Review and Wired. Her work has been described by Oliver Basciano as [diving] into “into a myriad of art historical references with her prolific painting and drawing practice… [displaying] a skillful sense of composition and brushwork. [with a] a strong brand of social realism in their subject matter… surreal perspective and almost Munchian brushstrokes.”

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