May 2012 Art Show: New Notions of Torah

May 1, 2012
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In this month’s online art exhibition, four diverse artists explore what “new notions of Torah” means to them.  R. Justin Stewart examines how the idea of the messiah has been interpreted, reinterpreted, and misinterpreted throughout the ages in his interactive installation, “Distorting (A Messiah Project, 13C).”  Maarten van der Heijden uses manipulated photos of World War II concentration camps to better understand how God can be both good and evil.  Beth Heit captures the essence of the Earth Mother in her interpretation of Eve.  Batya F. Kuncman’s paintings reveal her quest for finding Torah in the mundane.

Please click on the images below to make them larger.  To learn more about the artists and their work, please click on their names below the gallery.


Maarten van der Heijden

Beth Heit

Batya F. Kuncman

R. Justin Stewart

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