June 1, 2011
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Each month the journal Sh’ma posts a couple of essays from the print publication. To read all of the essays—which create a “conversation-in-print” —click on “Subscription” above or sign up for our DIGITAL EDITION. This month, Sh’ma focuses on health, illness, suffering, healing, and hope. We explore the power of prayer — in particular, the Misheberach, the prayer for healing. We also look at ritual and its capacity to effect healing, at strategies for maintaining a realistic sense of hope in facing illness or any number of challenging situations, and at the relationship between hope and suffering. We trust that this issue will inspire reflection of a deep sort and offer an opportunity to consider how we assess the measure of a life. We dedicate this issue to the life and work of Debbie Friedman z”l, whose music has inspired hopefulness in the face of despair and perseverance in the face of an embattled spirit. Much of what appears in these pages touches on Debbie’s gift to create music and connection. Sh’ma greatly appreciates the generous contribution of Opaline Foundation along with the Kalsman Institute on Judaism and Health, the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and the Jewish Chaplaincy at Stanford University Medical Center, who have sponsored this issue on health, healing, and hope.  For the full issue — or for bulk copies of the issue for your board or organization — contact   MARKETING.

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