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April 5, 2010
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  1. Why is it so difficult to talk about Israel? And how can we promote more civil and engaged discussion?
  2. At a moment when the Jewish community is pushing the concept of peoplehood — which aims to pitch a broad, wide tent for Jews — are we also creating certain barriers for Jews around the periphery?
  3. Every community has boundaries of one sort or another. Most of us take for granted, for example, that believers in Jesus, including those who profess to be Jews, aren’t Jews. What other boundaries do you feel are useful, even essential?
  4. Aside from Israel, what is most difficult for American Jews to talk about?
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  1. Only those Jews who live in Israel are legitimately allowed to criticise Israel. It is us who serve in the army and our blood that is spilled by terror and war. American and Diaspora Jewry have an obligation to support Israel at ALL TIMES. If you want to have your voice heard come and live here. Then and only then can you say what you feel, otherwise keep your unwanted opinions to yourself. Israelis do not tell American Jews what is good for them. If this stops anyone donating to Israel and it’s causes, we will survive, but where will you go when you need refuge. Don’t say it can’t happen. The Jews of Germany also thought Hitler was a passing phase.

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    Henry Tobias
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