Discussion Guide - Discussion Guide – A Jewish Lens on Trafficking

October 1, 2008
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  1. What is the relationship between gender-based oppression and the trafficking of women?
  2. Why is trafficking a Jewish issue?
  3. How might Jewish communities draw on human rights and Jewish textual sources to address the issue?
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  1. Thanks for making these questions and articles available! I’m curious about the decision to have the first question be about the trafficking of women. There is no doubt that patriarchy/sexism plays a significant role in how women get trafficked, but as we know, trafficking is not just about women, but men and children as well. Factors like poverty, transphobia, and histories of imperialism and war are just as central to the analysis of the dynamics that lead to the exploitation of human labor (including, but not limited to, sex work). How can we shift the conversation around this conversation to reflect the dynamics actually at play for people who are exploited in this way?

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    Alex Weissman
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